Motivational talks

Dancing with penguins and swimming with polar bears, desperate chocolate hunger and stinky socks; this inspirational talk is as hardcore as it is heartwarming. I believe that anyone can pursue their passions – let me fuel you with inspiration!

The feeling of freedom

In The Feeling of Freedom I will share my experiences from various expeditions around the globe; skiing 80 days on Baffin Island with the Baffin Babes, crossing Greenland and Svalbard on skis, exploring South Georgia, and enjoying adventurous days in my backyard in Lofoten, Norway.

Through humor, live rap, spectacular photos, and unique videos, I will show how it feels to sleep in a tent in -40°C, to pull a 120-kilo sled, or to skinny dip in a seal hole in the ice. I will share my thoughts about teamwork, setting goals and accomplishing them, and the feeling of freedom that you get in the outdoors.
My presentation focuses on the topics of motivation, positive energy, willpower and happiness, as I believe that the wilderness isn’t just something to be conquered, it’s some thing that we can learn from and be inspired by.


Cold fingers on the Shutter release

Cold Fingers on the Shutter Relase is a presentation about outdoor photography. In addition to showing my work, I give tips on how to take photos under rough conditions. Through this talk, I give practical advice about photographing activities like hiking, backcountry skiing, biking, mastering outdoor portraits, and beyond.

I plan ample time for questions and discussion so that attendees come away feeling ready to get outside and start shooting!

  • Kristin has the ability to tell a story with great energy and personality – focusing on the potential that we all have. Most likely your dreams will grow bigger after seeing her on stage!

    Gro Kyllingstad Centrica Energi
  • To witness a lecture with Kristin, is like visiting a magical world! A world with majestic scenery and heavenly adventures ­– where you cross latitudes and gain altitude with a world class guide. Whoever who has visited Kristin’s world, will never forget it.

    Kriss Rokkan Iversen SALT